As the clouds roll over me, I get excited for the refreshment of the coming down pour. I sit in the midst of baked strands in the pasture of my land. They shriek with a loud voice and crawl toward me. From their scrawny grasp, they try to pull me into them. I scream, then jumping skyward, come to find a portal in the Heavens with a vast hand reaching down for me. It grabs me. I‘m awe struck, I’ve touched a hand of one who has bled for… me. My heart fills with tears. They drip down my face, down to the withered ones, which tried to keep me bound. As the tears began to flow into weeping, they drenched the ground. Then suddenly, suddenly the withered, poor and ruined arose from the bottom. They began to turn colors, from what once was a dry, ugly and brown, into a yellow, then into a luscious bright green. The colors over took what once was bound for loss and overturned it into a healthy meadow. The dead as a whole, sprouted into a new and wonderful creation. I turned back to look upon the face of the one who snatched me from the grave, and behold in front of me was the Love of my heart. He had touched me into the deepest places, His love grew and grew bigger, farther and wider. Then through the portal in which the Great Hand came down, was now the presence of rain. It immersed the soil upon which I used to tread. My course began to change before my eyes. My soul was filled with Love and joy as the one who was pierced, let me down on the new means of where I am to travel, to adventure, up to the Great Mountain of…. God! It may be steep, it may be dangerous. I may even get worn out, but I will remember The Hand that so supremely came down to rescue me and bring me out of the utter ruin. He will always be. And the Glory of His beauty will be my resting place until I reach this goal.

By Christi

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