Do you ever get bombarded with memories of the past?  You know the ones that you wish you could forget?  What happens to the good ones?  Why don’t the good ones ring true over the painful ones?  This morning while I was driving to work…  a few memories came into my mind, almost like a movie.  It was like I was watching them instead of experiencing them.  And I became a little sad at some of the choices I made.  Well it got me thinking, WHY? Why must I still have these?  Why can’t they go away and I never think about them again?  As the feeling kept getting stronger, I started to feel bad for remembering… Then I thought, I don’t think that they are always there to remind us of “How” much we screwed up, but rather, look at the outcome, did we learn from that? Did we walk away from a bad situation?  I know that the devil would like nothing more than to remind us where we have been, but remember that God can take that memory and say, “Look, see how far you’ve come!”  When I thought of the promise that God gives to always be near to the brokenhearted I had no fear and the memories stop overwhelming me.  I love finding grace and freedom in my loving savior!!

By Christi

One comment on “Past

  1. Baggage. It’s called baggage. New series about this very subject at Reveal. You were there Sunday, yeah? Podcast of the first sermon is posted.

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