Only one

Isn’t it funny how in a world with a bunch of people you could feel like the only one standing?  In every direction you look there is no one, not even the sound of movement.  With so much color and adventure to explore, you feel a pit begin to grow in your stomach.  You have the desire to run, run far, run long, run fast…  But with tears running down your face you can’t seem to find peace in such an empty feeling.  Sure, run to God; sure tell him everything, but the moment still hurts.  You react to a simple kind smile with anger and resentment.  You would rather scream than let someone in.  Oh, Lord where is this pain coming from, you ask?  You fight the tears down to keep your composer and not look like you are falling completely apart.  Then suddenly you find yourself wrapped in all the loneliness of a hundred souls.  It smacks you in the face, leaving a lasting imprint.  “Can anyone see? Does anyone notice? Are they looking through my eyes and seeing ‘Me’?”  Fight this, I know you can. Don’t sit there alone and become the thing you dread.

Run, run if you have to until you can’t anymore.

By Christi

2 comments on “Only one

  1. hey christi! sorry…i’ll get those pics up soon!! i’ve been crazy busy! but i’ll do it soon!! also…good job tonight at the Christmas eve service! i was at the 4:30….woulda said hi afterwards, but you guys played at the end and i had to run out b/c i have to get to work! have a WONDERFUL Christmas!

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