Writing, Drawing, Reading, Painting… Creativity!

Do you ever find yourself in a place where you could crawl up with a pencil and paper and draw a picture that explains how you feel.  Maybe take out a great book to get lost in.  Perhaps pull out a piece of lined paper and a pen and write down rhyming words to an expression your heart is beating!  With hot coffee, or hot chocolate next to you, you feel the warmth of the day ahead of you and want to escape into it’s creativity.  I’m not much of a painter, but I would gather to think that one would love to sit in a freshly lit room and with a canvas in front and a paintbrush in hand, you have a sense of excitement to blend all the colors together…Ahh, the ability to express, share and explain the things that flow through your mind.  It was really cold yesterday morning, but I didn’t mind.  There was a smell of wood burning that brought a smile to my face and made me wanna stay home in the comforts of my home and snuggle up with books, paper and creativity at my finger tips!

I love the feeling when the Lord puts excitement inside your being, kind of like the stirring of when you begin to create something of your own.  You know when you can’t wait to read the bible or write in your Journal.  The sunsets are wonderful and bring a warmth to your heart that makes you wanna keep driving til you are on top of the tallest mountain, and are able to feel the clouds illuminate through the beams of the setting sun!


By Christi

One comment on “Writing, Drawing, Reading, Painting… Creativity!

  1. I get those feelings a lot! But it’s hard to have the energy to see them through… if it ever comes out the way you want it. :) But you always inspire me when we get together!

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