Catching up question!

I love the feeling you get when you meet up with people you haven’t seen in a long time or perhaps someone you haven’t talked to much… but then comes the question, ‘What’s New?’  Your mind is flooded with empty thoughts as you try and think of something to say.  Something interesting to not make it sound like your life is way boring.  I feel that way sometimes, when people ask and all I have to say is, ‘The same ol’ same ol’!’  I wonder why we feel that way, we feel so inadequate, so loser-ish when we say that our lives are not filled with excitement!  We wish we could say that we accomplished all these activities yesterday and have planned more today and you should see what I have planned for the rest of my life…..filled with STUFF TO DO!  Like some kind of agenda has to be met to be more of a person.  It’s almost like an insecurity when that question gets asked and you suddenly want to make something up.  What if we were to answer like this: ‘Well I am learning to quiet myself  before the Lord!’  What if you don’t have a plan?  You just get up everyday and ask the Lord, ‘What’s in store today, Lord?  What would you have me do?  Show me your will!’

With that in mind… I am in the search to find a different answer.  I wanna be able to say something that is changing, life changing.  And that should be my relationship with God!  Shouldn’t the things I’m learning about the Lord be always changing and worth saying something?  So I am making a decision now that whenever that question gets asked of me, the first thing I’m gonna do is evaluate my life with the Lord, cause if that is not changing and new things aren’t happening, then I need to change something.  Somewhere I must have gone off, put something in place of that quietness.  So come on ask me what’s new and I’ll tell you!  HA!  Now…tell me what’s new in your life!!

By Christi

2 comments on “Catching up question!

  1. Christi – this is EXTREMELY PROFOUND!!!!! You’ve got me thinkin’ girl! This needs to be shared to a wider audience. LOVE YOU, oh yah, and SLUG BUG (POW)!

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