Old Highlighted Bibles

Last night a good friend of mine came over.  We had an interesting evening discussing things in the bible.  From what color we use to highlight verses to why on earth should the Song of Solomon talk so graphic and then share our favorite verses.  I pulled out all my bibles and we started looking at em, reading em out loud.  Reading the notes in the margins was fun, thinking back to why you wrote something.  Certain books were highlighted up a storm, while others looked as thought the pages were still newly sealed together from never being looked at.  Reading in an old bible I had, and remembering a time in my life when all I wanted to do was read the bible was fun and brought back excitement in my gut.  Back then, I could care less about work, responsibilities.  I wanted to read my bible and use my 5 different colored highlighters and ball point pen and go to town on reading and underlining!  I have journal after journal with verses in them and notes along side of what I was learning or what the Lord had been showing me.  It kind of made me think, ‘Man, I have read more of the bible than i thought!’.  You know when you kind of go through, a dry spell if you will, or where you get yourself busy and don’t have that time set out to really read the word?  It is really fun to look back and read all of the notes I wrote and all the verses I highlighted, the studies I did on certain subjects, with all the verse titles scratched out or circled depending on weather or not it was what I was looking for.

After flippin through em last night really gave my heart a stir.  Like a fresh desire to read the word more!  Sometimes it’s way fun to look back at old things and remember how far you have come!

By Christi

One comment on “Old Highlighted Bibles

  1. Okay, we are definately on the same wave length. I have just been doing that today – but not reading an old Bible but an old journal. I used to journal my Bible readings – and to look back at how wise I once was and how I somehow forgot so many things. However, at the same time, I see how I was not wise in many areas and how God has changed me.

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