The Called!

Today is a day to be… go ahead and fill out what you think today should be… I think that today should be a day where we, yes I say WE all grab a hold of something lasting!  Today is a day to be on Fire, passion that burns for the Lord.  I have a desire to be completely lost in the Lord and I will stay there!  Last night our worship team got together for some fellowship and I left feeling recharged, redirected, redesigned!  With a simple evening of spending time together and remembering who we are doing ‘The Stuff’ for!  JESUS, it’s all about Him!  I am so very excited to see where the Lord leads us!  Last night our worship pastor said that sometimes we get the thoughts of not being good enough, not having the right skills, no knowledge of  anything.  Thoughts that we are worthless, no good for nothing.  IT’S NOT ABOUT US!!!  It’s about HIM!  Funny thing about equipping the called and not calling the equipped is….we don’t have it all together, we still mess up, we have to act like Humans until we go home…doesn’t that give a little hope?  Doesn’t that brighten your face?

Lord I ask that you would burn in our hearts, you would root in our souls!  You are the one this is for!  God fall on us and equip us, teach us, move us….don’t leave us in a stagnant place!

We are all called, called to be His children in whom He delights.  He loves.  It’s NOT about the talents we have, the skill that we have…it’s…all…about…Him!!

Come Lord and revive our souls!!!

By Christi

One comment on “The Called!

  1. You are speaking what I’ve been feeling for a couple weeks now. Ever since God has started challenging me to do more, I’ve been thinking, “I’m not good enough. I’m not the best at anything.”

    But, He keeps asking me – “Are you doing this for you? Are you doing this for your own fame, glory, and self-satisfaction?”

    The answer is, no, this is for God and God alone. He doesn’t care that we’re not perfect. In fact, He made us the way we are and He doesn’t expect anymore than that. Of course, the flip side is, He doesn’t expect any less…

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