Meaning:  Quiet – a disposition… free from stress or emotion, the absence of sound.  Selfishness – stinginess resulting from a concern for your own welfare and a disregard of others

Here it is another day to watch the world, another chance to sit back and observe.  You don’t feel like speaking, you don’t feel like conversation would become part of your agenda for the day.  You get a peace about the crispness of the silence ahead of you.  Life stands at a pause for a moment; you breathe in and take in the tranquility.  Mmm, it fills up your entire being with the state of readiness.  You are alert and watchful to the surroundings, but you feel like you are in a haze where noise in not permitted.  Can you escape into this and lose yourself in the stillness around you?  When others try and speak, would they feel like they were talking right through you? What would they do? They begin to pour out their heart or share something meaningful…but you can’t seem to listen.  That ever so soundless voice wisps across your face and beckons you to run away with it.  With every ounce of your being you try and fight, nothing is working.  That tactic you try, to make it seem as though you are still here and that you are not just floating to another place, have failed.

Can they tell that you are not ready to hear, not wanting to hear?  Do they turn away in disappointment, not understanding that this place in time you have escaped to…is not meant to offend or let them down?  Is this motion an act of being quiet or being selfish?  Sometimes you just can’t avoid being taken away by the untroubled stillness.  Sometimes you can’t fight the urge of wanting to let yourself go and fade away…then coming to the realization that you have been gone for hours…

So I ask again, is it Quiet or Selfishness?

By Christi

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