Long Time Love

Where have you gone?  Your whispering breeze has left my face.  The aching pit seems to be content.  The rage has been soothed.  Windows have closed their curtains.  And the light seems to wither.  What happened to the great desire?  Little sparks of hope arise…but so quickly disappear.  Melody, where is your sweet voice?  Where are your songs of comfort?  I’m afraid that the only thing that resounds in my ears, is the bitter sound of resistance.

Un-motivation, you’ve taken up residency.  Rights that are clearly not yours lay in your hands.  Involving yourself in every aspect, crippling the hope I have left.  I fear I am to blame.  I sit here looking for the resolution… Have I enabled the problem?  Has my defender left or been evicted?  Have I forgotten the redeemer?  I know the answer.  I know the journey.  My shoes don’t look equipped for the travel.  But at the same time, it doesn’t look like I can move.  Like glue stuck to a table, so my feet remain fasten to the ground.  I see in the distance a wave rising to swallow me.

Long time Love; will you render what’s yours?  Take flight and embrace me.  Release me from this war inside me.

Long time Love…

By Christi

One comment on “Long Time Love

  1. At our first worship meeting, Rebecca prayed for me…I didn’t even know what I needed prayer for, but she prayed anyway. When she was done, she told me she thought maybe I was a Martha – doing all this work but missing the important thing. She prayed that I would become like Mary again, sitting at Jesus’s feet in delight. That night I went home and wrote for about 2 hours. I never posted what I wrote, but maybe I will now. By the way, her prayers worked…I did find delight and passion again. :)

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