A Prayer of Giving Up

With the soft elegance of your breeze, you break into my barriers.  Your delicate motion attracts me into your being, I’m taken over.  I can not help but be completely lost in your presence.  I hear you call in the night and I fight the wrestle inside.  I wanna jump.  I wanna run.  What is the rope that seems to keep hold of me so tight, pulling my down?  I see you at the gate waving me on in.  A pit in my stomachs aches, I long for that freedom you hold in your hands.  Suddenly I am moving, my feet are fleeing off the ground in a movement toward you.  I feel encouraged by the affectionate smile on your face…

My eyes open, I feel a calm thrill in my heart and a warmth floods my face.  Have I fallen into your embrace?  A melody flows from inside me that seems to be getting louder.  A chord is struck that awakens me into the art of moving my feet.  I feel safe, I feel home.  But… there is a hidden fright lurking around the corner, it begs me to not completely let go and learn to trust the unknown.  I am sure of the security in your structured being, yet I have this doubt.  I  need the courage of your strong foundation to fully yield myself to love.

God, come close. Come quickly.  Open your ears.  It’s my voice you’re hearing.  Treat my prayers as sweat incense rising. My raised hands are my evening prayers.  Dear Lord I only have eyes for you.   Post a guard at my mouth.  Set a watch at the door of my lips.  Don’t let me dream of evil or thoughtlessly fall into bad company.  May the Just One set me straight.  Dear Lord I only have eyes for you.

By Christi

One comment on “A Prayer of Giving Up

  1. Oh my gosh Christi…this really spoke to me because I am right now in the state of feeling at home and content with the Lord and with my calling to go where He leads. But at the same time I feel afraid to let go of the ropes keeping me anchored to this one spot. I just need to give up, too.

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