i think sometimes i get stuck wishing i was living somewhat differently.  explanation:  when i watch a movie, sometimes i feel so connected to the characters, the places in the movie,  that i desire to go there and experience life like the people  in the film.  i could get so caught up and swept away by the beauty of the film.  perhaps there was a melody that took my breath away and the moment just got better.  maybe there was a cute face that made me blush.  whatever the feeling, i wonder why we do that.  cause if you think about the movie…someone wrote it, the actors are playing roles in the movie that are not real.  the emotion you feel and the excited desire to travel as they did is not going to happen. why?   two reasons: 1.  you are not them.  2.  the moment was written out for them to act out.  it is not reality.  it is not real life.  now, could something similar happen in real life?  yes.  has this happened in real life?  probably.  movies are good and fun….i just wonder why we get tangled in them.


By Christi

2 comments on “Ponderings…

  1. i think you said it, its not reality. tom clancy once said “the difference between fiction and reality? fiction has to make sense.” we wish our lives could play out as perfectly as the movies. or that it would be as easy as the movies portray it. but its all a lie. life is messy and downright hard. it has its perfect moments, but you must look for them.

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