Dark…you’ve been warned.

I just wanna be entirely mean.  I find myself slowly spinning downward into madness.  Where meanness lives in a place of quiet destruction.  I like to stay secret, yet out in the open all at the same time.  I wanna be intentional, but seem like I’m completely blind to my actions.  The urge to make you upset, upset enough to cry, keeps whispering into my ear, telling me this is okay.  With no concern for your emotions, I take action.  What do I care, I don’t, so get over it.  I don’t have regret, nor do I mind what will come in the future.  My sensitivity may not be present.  Maybe I will get over it, maybe I won’t.

I know what I am suppose to do and I don’t do it.  I know what I shouldn’t do, but find myself checking off the list of items as they are completed.  Where’s the compassion, the strive to be kindhearted?  Instead nastiness takes over!  The sneakiness of this feeling is very good at it’s purpose and I seemed to have run off and eloped with it.

Maybe it’s my fault, maybe it’s yours, but I don’t care so dry your tears and go away, I don’t wanna hear it.

Please no questions, do with this as you please.  This is just meant for expressions.

By Christi

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