growing up in a house where i didn’t think to have an opinion, i didn’t even know i could think, have a view, a sentiment toward anything in life.  always saying what the adults said in my life and thinking that it was some sort of law to live by.  is it too late to think for myself , to be able to come out of my shell and really have my own mind and my own thoughts, even my own desires and not just the thoughts and desires of ones that took up residence before me, to find my own love for the ‘Big Guy’, to find my own expression, to find my own talents and pursue them, to go where i think to go, to make mistakes that at the time i thought were right, to turn around and re-think the idea of living in a small hut somewhere wearing a wrap and Tom’s Shoes, then to turning around thinking about it again, to write what i feel and feel what i write, to listen to music that takes me to a place no one can be, to find out what right and wrong are, to learn that what i thought was right, was wrong and what was wrong, has turned to right?

why did their thoughts form comments that fell out of my mouth?  their statements attached themselves to my way of thinking.  i will tell you, that i will open my eyes, get up, get out, and get away from these liars, cause they don’t get my soul or my fire.  there is only one being that i will look into the eyes of and listen to the melodies of their heart…skipping to every rhythm that pours from Him.  He’s been the only thing that is right in all i’ve done.

i feel i have a voice, i have an opinion that is worth telling and i have the rest of my life to decide my own decisions, travel the way i feel i should.

By Christi

2 comments on “Me.

  1. Amen, sister. The thing that has always bothered me is how “safe” they play this game of life. I feel like I finally am taking the risks I’ve always wanted to take, but always felt I couldn’t. God is risky – but oh so loving and trustworthy.

    “He’s been the only thing right in all I’ve done” – that is probably the most honest and profound statement I’ve heard in a long time.

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