i just don’t know

how to deal.  how to balance.  how to make things even.  i think im done.  everything is a chore.  i can’t fully express the things i need to express.  my heart is somewhere laying still, like a lifeless robot, only moving through motions.  i’ve miss placed the only thing that really matters to me.  time seems to be just another thing that fades away like the dawn.  this is not life.  this is not how it should be.  run down til you need to escape to find some sanity.  i disagree, but don’t know what it means to not be running, as a chicken would with no head.  i need a clear head, if these clouds ever blow away.  i need to find my way again.  somehow im stuck in a room with no walls but can’t seem to find the door.

By Christi

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