Where I Belong

My mortal being is back to walking hand in hand down the street.  Tears of gratitude, that you would case after me, run down my face.  My heart feels all squishy.  The emotions have been hard to handle.  You came running when there was nothing left.  When I felt as I was laying in a gutter left for dead.  Though weeping endured through the night, you brought me joy as a nice warm breakfast in bed.  You wipe my tears, hold me and tell me its alright.  The morning sun kissed my face and brought color to my cheeks.  You are so good to me.  I don’t deserve you.  All I’ve done, all I am . . . is not worthy of this love you give.  You have played a whistle in my heart and stuck a hook in me . . . you’ll never let go of me.  I hear your songs over me as I sleep and am comforted by your melody.  Every night you sing, and every morning you enrich me.  You’ll be faithful til the end and to my heart . . . will you come and unify me?

By Christi

One comment on “Where I Belong

  1. And that’s why we sometimes find ourselves in gutters, so we can look up, see light, and really see it and feel it, not just brush it aside like we normally do. Thank you for this…it was a good reminder for me. Now, where’s my guitar?

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