Eviction Papers

Why must I feel so drawn to tell you everything? My obsession with telling you how many steps it took to get to the store, if I felt like playing my guitar today, what my favorite color is, or that I am feeling worthless today or even excited about life, or tell you what I ate for lunch or even to look at this website I just found, has taken over my life that I feel as though if I don’t share, my hands will shake from withdrawals and my head will ache without the satisfaction of the ‘Post Complete’ notification.

You don’t need to know everything I am about to do. You don’t need to know what I may be struggling with. You don’t need to know that much about my life. If you are reading this, then I am talking to you! Imagine if the time I spent on notifying the whole world that I just watched the suckiest movie ever or that I killed Kiwi was actually spent on reading my bible or praying, what new things would I learn or exciting knowledge would I get from the Lord?

Who have I become? Someone who relies on the Lord or that person who can’t even step away from these things long enough to find something constructive to do. Imagine the pictures I could draw, the songs I could write, and the homework I could get done, the fresh air I deserve (of course when it gets cooler).

So this is to say that I need a break from you, maybe a divorce. Cause if you think about it, you aren’t going with me when I die, so why should I put time into you when you have no Heavenly future?

I burn for God and that’s who my focus is going to be on! My personality cries for more of this and more of that when all I need is to be with God!

By Christi

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