Thoughts and Music

Hello, I haven’t been here in a while.  In trying to define something to write that is worth reading its a little more difficult than you’d think.  I know that these past months have been challenging and somewhat of a blur.  As new changes happen, I’m afraid I do not like change as much as I thought.  Perhaps the change I do not mind is the kind that I have control over.  The kind that I make in order to make me feel better.  But other changes that happen and you have no idea what the outcome is, is not very exciting.

As this year comes to a close, I find myself reminiscing on everything that has gone on.  Let me break it down:  1. started an internship  2. did some recording  3. started school for the first time in 10 years  4.  failed in certain areas  5.  made decisions.  6. succeeded in areas.  In all this, still had a full time job and somewhat of a life…

Ever really thought that what you thought is not what you really desired?  Music has always been my heart.  Music just does something to me, whether I play it or listen to it, it brings me alive.  In the past 4 months I have not really been playing much of my music (includes writing and just playing guitar).  Well this makes my heart break.  I have always used music and writing as my out, my way of expression, my go to for release.  Cause sometimes I have a hard time saying what I really wanna say.  I heard a musician being interviewed and they said the best advice they ever got was, ‘What you’re good at, do that, this is what you’re good at’ (pertaining to their musical skill)  Well this got me thinking (which is always good).  I really enjoy music, I am really good at music, why aren’t I doing more of it?

So in praying and asking the Lord for His will and what the heck He wants me to do….there might be some changes on the horizon and different directions may be made!  I don’t think I have this talent to waste it!!!


I’M EXCITED!!!!!!!!

By Christi

2 comments on “Thoughts and Music

  1. Good for you for asking God what He wants you to do and to heal you….! May He bless you with his love and joy!

  2. I’m super excited for you! I can’t wait to hear what changes God leads you to. As long as these changes keep you in Phoenix – okay, I’m being selfish. I miss you! I’ve found that it is much easier to deal with change when you know it’s in God’s will and plan. That’s how I ended up in Turkey without stressing about the decision. So, that’s why I’m excited because God has always had amazing plans for you and all you have to do is ask Him to lead you to them.

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