I sit down.
Put on some music.
Open a new post.
And wait for the new wonders of thought to pour out.
I can’t remember the last time I just let the mind drift into new meadows.
To discover random smells and the beauty of color.

I’ve been cleaning up the miscellaneous stuff I own recently.
Reading the different letters and important grown up papers,
Looking at pictures from when I was little, the different stages I went through.
Organizing my books on my bookshelf and wishing it was bigger so more books could fit.
Throwing away stuff I haven’t touched in 3 years.
Having time to remember is sometimes a very precious gift, that I think even for myself I get so busy wrapped up in my life that I forget little important things.

Funny when you haven’t written in a while, all the thoughts that have been wondering aimlessly around inside suddenly all come out in random bits of code and are very hard to understand. I mean I get them, but they are my thoughts, so shouldn’t I?  Haha

I wanna become a calligraphy artist. Or just really good with pen-men-ship, haha.

I need to stop…until another time when I can sort out my thoughts better with a fresh mind….good day!

By Christi

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