Bad Day Jesus

You know the times where everything is going crappy in our lives and you can’t seem to see the end? It’s in those times that we cry out to the Lord and ask for Him to move, to break through and give us a release. Every bad day, every time life gives us something we weren’t expecting, we call on the “Bad Day Jesus”. “Oh God, can you help me with this? Can you deliver me from this? When will you move? When will you come?” I know that in my stress and turmoil, I cry out to Him and ask for Him to break through. Sometimes I wonder if I have made Him JUST the Bad Day Jesus. Don’t get me wrong, I think its good to cry to Him when we are broken, but what would happen if we cry out to Him in our good days too? What if instead of asking to be released from whatever we’re going through we ask for Him to teach us something new or that His will would be done in this?

I think that sometimes we can place Him in the spot of just being our “bad day Jesus”. It’s very easy to cry for help when we need it . . . but what about when we are having a great day, do we cry to Him still and ask for Him to move in our lives? Do we ask Him to work through us however He pleases? Do we ask for His will to be done? I know sometimes I don’t. I forget so much to ask Him to move me, use me, teach me, let His kingdom come into my life and spread out among others.

This has come to my attention a lot recently partly cause I have been having to learn it. I just started working a couple of weeks ago since being out of work for almost 4 months. It was a real stretching time for me. I had to learn to count on the Lord and ask for guidance and strength not to just fall apart when I thought it was all crashing down. When all else is lost, He needed to be my stronghold, my firm foundation where I could not be shaken.

I need to keep giving Him my heart and all that is within me. Everything that I hope for to change needs to be placed on the rock of my salvation in order for me to live. My life has to be a daily surrender to the hand of God, otherwise I start doing it all myself and mess everything up. The devil likes it when we take out lives into our own hands cause then he has something to play with . . . but we must remember . . . He (meaning Jesus) is for us. He is there to help us when we get lost. But also, He is there when we are content and have peace in our lives and He deserves to be our “Great Day Jesus”.

Listen to the song below, it has been a great song that has been ministering to me and hopefully you as well.


By Christi

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