A blog of thoughts…be warned.

I may produce a series of blogs. I have a lot in my head that needs sorting out and the only way I can fully get them all in order, is to write them down. So if you get confused in reading at the beginning, don’t worry I am too and it will get straightened out in the end. You just get to have the privilege of reading my sparky thought process. Aren’t you lucky?

So today’s msg went along with what I posted earlier this morning. “One Person Can Make a Difference”, it talked about doing things, listening to the Lord and ministering to people. How awesome for G-d to give confirmation or to agree with the thoughts going on in my little pea brain.

So now my brain is on the move. I know what the Lord wants me to do, its obvious. To preach the good news to the poor broken and downhearted. The question isn’t, “What do I do Lord”? The question is, “How do you want me to do this Lord?” I think my answer is to not be selfish. So many days I do whatever I want, do what I have to and just make sure at the end of the day I am finishing with something about me, for me, consuming me. If I were to live my life as Christ and die as gain, then I need to wake up with a new reality. My mindset needs to be focused outward. Seems like a no brainer right? Well, lets take a poll and see if our lives line up as to how selfish we are . . . I’m pretty sure that they will have the same amount because we are all the same. We have the same intentions of being all about others and really putting people first, but sometimes we slowly slip into what we want to do. That’s okay, I think it’s the process of being weeded out of our self into more of Jesus. We will never fully arrive until we are with Him in the end, but for now we can run hard and fast toward that goal.

Our pastors wife talked today. She said something that made me think a little more. Are we ministering to the people we work with, go to school with, have communion with? Are we here just to do our little duty as Christians and be on our way or are we really gonna try to make a difference? Am I looking for opportunities to pray for me, help people? Do I have the mindset of, “Well someday when the people I know want to ask about the Lord, they will do it on their own!”? Am I showing them something that is different? Is the love of Christ pouring out of me and placing a craving inside others to want that?

Am I truly doing what the Lord has called me? Are the plans I am walking out in my life, G-d’s plans for me? I think I could ask questions all day. But that might just leave me in the same place with more things to think about. I’m just gonna keep Practicing the Presence of G-d and kindling a lifestyle of Jesus and see where that gets me. My thoughts may cease and I may find myself right on the path the Lord has for me.

Until my next thought.

By Christi

3 comments on “A blog of thoughts…be warned.

  1. So true. I think we get so caught up wondering and planning and trying to figure out our purpose that we lose our purpose in the process. We forget that today is just as important as tomorrow. Each day we have a chance to live for Christ, but we miss out if we are too busy looking ahead…or too busy thinking about ourselves. Life would be so much simpler and meaningful if we just wake up each day and say, “God, here I am. Let’s get this party started!” Or something along those lines… :)

  2. Thinking “this is what I should do” and doing it ….are very different things. I think that we underestimate the very real and painful gap between knowing and doing.

    I get stuck in my head all the time, and completely miss great opportunities, because I am wondering how weird and crazy I am going to seem. I am worried about me and not worried about listening to God.

    but I think that there are times when we do his work and don’t even realize it also, because it was doing what I am made to do, so it wasn’t odd, it just was right.

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