How can I trust something I don’t know very well?
How can I believe in something that I have never experienced before?
How could I give up everything for something I don’t know has my best interest at heart?

I think I have allowed passions in my life to be replaced with things that are the here and now that have shadows of death dwelling in them. I only think they are good because they have pretty wrapping and a card addressed with sweet nothings in it. I used to know love and now have a hard time feeling it. I used to see God in things and replaced it with doubt and unbelief. The only thing dying here is me.

Judgment has been fogged out with the illusion that something besides God can take care of me. I need to come back to reality and stop messing with fire and let my burns heal.

I used to know you. I used to feel you. I used to trust you. I used to see you. Now all I find are the things that have compromised the person that was once inside me. I have allowed things to destroy the good that once was the shimmer on my face shinning on everything I was around.

Its all my fault and I am the only one that can choose to change and pick up what was lost…

By Christi

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